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Fixwell Smash Repairs is the largest shop in the western suburbs with over 1.5 acres of undercover space for vehicles repairs. Having operated for over 20 years, we are a well-established company with a reputation for high quality workmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

I've Had An Accident What Can I Do?

Give Us a call on 0412 376 295 and we can give you on the spot step by step advice to assist. 


Can I Take My Car Anywhere Or Do I Have To Go With The Insurance Companies Smash Repairer?

Your car is your property and you have the ability to take your car wherever you wish. Your insurance company will usually send you to the cheapest provider but that doesn't necessarily mean good repairs. We do repairs for all insurance companies and should you choose to bring your car to us we guarantee our repairs for life.


How Long Will My Car Take To Repair?

The extent of damage and availability of parts will impact on the length of time taken to return your car. We make every attempt to return your car in a prompt and timely manner as we understand the difficulties of have a car off the road.


Do You Have Replacement Cars Available?

We have courtesy cars available offered free of charge to our customers (conditions apply). We also have hire cars available at a competitive rate.


If I Make A Claim On My Policy Will That Affect My Premium?

You need to ask your insurance company when lodging the claim. If it can be proven that you were not at fault usually your insurance company will not make you pay an excess. It is your insurance companies not us that have control over this. Should your excess be more than the total of the job we can also provide you with a competitive private quote to repair the vehicle yourself.


Will I Have To Pay The Excess If It's Not My Fault?

In most cases if you have an accident and you can provide the details of the person who is at fault, the excess is usually waived. It is dependant however on whether liability is clear.


I Have Third Party Insurance And THE PARTY AT FAULT IS NOT INSURED, What Can I Do?

If you have extended 3rd party insurance and you are not at fault your insurance company may contribute between 3,000 -5,000 dollars towards repairs or replacing your vehicle. This is dependant however on whether you can also provide the details of the party who was at fault.


Who Guarantees My Car?

The repairer is obligated to guarantee repairs to all work carried out or performed on their premises. NO insurance company will ever truly guarantee work.